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Coyne PR Industry Hot Sheet 04/02/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Peeps on Display
The winner of the fourth-annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest was announced this week - the top Peeped-out display featured a scene from Disney's "UP." The contest garnered more than 1,100 entries with themes ranging from politics to pop culture. Check out photos of the winning creation and 37 of the Post's favorites - Peeps Show IV
Source:, 04/02/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Reviews Pour in for a B&B that Doesn't Exist
The New York Times columnist Stuart Miller comments on the phenomenon surrounding the Schrute Farms review page on TripAdvisor. Since the page was mentioned on NBC's "The Office" in 2007, more than 600 people have reviewed the fictional Bed and Breakfast - more reviews than any Manhattan hotel has ever received.
Source:, 03/28/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Brazilian Water Park makes a Splash with E-Mailed Waterslide Ad
To promote its new waterslide, Insano, Beach Park water park in Brazil sent out an e-mail which gave readers the impression that they were riding down the slide without the use of flash or video. Check it out here.
Source:, 03/30/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Top 10 April Fools' Day Fake News Items for 2010
PCWorld lists the top 10 April Fools' Day pranks for 2010. Giant jokes this year include Google's name change to "Topeka" and Starbucks' new cup sizes.
Source:, 04/01/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

You, too, can Save the Country of Sweden in this Viral Campaign
In an effort to raise awareness for the new Swedish broadcasting fee, Radiotjänst has released a viral campaign which allows users to become a "hero" who will make life better for all of Sweden by uploading their image into the program. Check it out here.
Source:, 03/29/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Honeymoon Tester is Latest Dream Job has launched a search for "The Ultimate Job" - the travel agency is looking for a couple to travel around the world for six months, experience luxury honeymoon destinations and blog about their experiences.
Source:, 04/01/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Atlanta's Airport Asks you to Name its Train
To celebrate the 30th birthday of the "Automated People Mover," the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had launched the "Name The Train" contest, asking travelers to help give the "train" a better name. To enter, interested parties can leave a comment on the airport’s YouTube video about the promotion or on its Facebook fan page. The winner will receive a $100 AMEX gift card and a certificate of recognition.
Source:, 04/01/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Sam Worthington Wore Payless Shoes to the Oscars
"Avatar" star Sam Worthington has inadvertently become the new poster boy for Payless Shoes. Worthington opted to wear a pair of the discount chains' $20 dress shoes to the Oscars opposed to a pair his stylist picked out because of comfort - a move that has generated national buzz and a sales boost for the chain.
Source:, 03/30/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

On 'Modern Family,' a Star Turn for the iPad
Media Decoder's Brian Stelter discusses the iPad's recent appearance on ABC's "Modern Family." While it might have looked like a pay-for-play product placement, Apple commented that they do not pay for such plugs and ABC reps confirmed that the iPad was only included because it fit into the show's storyline and has no connection with the new device's release this weekend.
Source:, 04/01/10

Hotsheet Campaign  

Yummy Donut Identity
To celebrate its 60th birthday, Dunkin Donuts has released a new design identity aimed to pay homage to its six decades of delicious donuts. The collection includes retro donut/coffee packaging and special merchandise which is available for purchase on its Web site.
Source:, 04/02/10

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